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  4. Keeping Your Home Too Warm Are you guilty of wanting a home that is toasty warm? Leaving your heat too high is a big culprit when it comes to energy loss. When you are going to sleep, try lowering the temperature and simply putting on a warm pair of pyjamas and snuggling under a large quilt. The eight hours or so that your home is cooler while you sleep accounts for one third of the total time in a day, and will save you plenty on your heating bill. And if you work during the day, is there really any reason to keep your home at a perfect temperature during that time?

  If you are someone who is concerned about the society, check if your baker is involved in any societal causes and how your purchases could help in their mission.  Some bakers may be involved in helping raise money for special causes and have always been ardent supporters of social groups in the gold coast region. Some bakers bank on utilizing local suppliers with the ability to satisfy bulk orders at any given time. By this, they would be able to deliver fresh bread all 7 days a week. Time to kick start your day with fresh bread, time to get your daily dose of freshness from Gold Coast Bakeries.