VW will go on a facelift in 2009 according to some industry insiders and will probably go to the Geneva Auto Show to introduce its new remodelled and redesigned changes in front end in upcoming Tiguan. Reports are that VW will alternate the present 1.6FSI and 2.0 FSI engines with new groups of 122Hp 1.4TSI and 160Hp 1.8 TFSI motors which also consist of 1.6, 2.0 and 3.2 V6 engines.

Many analysts have speculated that Volkwagen will continue to draw in company's sales in the US market. VW will put in a low-roofed wagon model in 2009 to come with next year glossy Passat- based Volkswagen. This wagon has a full blast package deal and designed in a theme that signifies the original VW styling with a new twist.
As seen in a usual Passat wagon, the new special edition model has a wider posture, lower roofline and fewer standing track. Furthermore, the seating elevation was subordinated and the container will provide heating, massage occupation and freshening along with the inflatable with g-force- payable pad and extended in the cabin as a centre comfort. With its low roofline, the wagon cargo bay provides 21 cubic feet of substance. Unfortunately, prices have not yet determined but one insider has asserted that the new VW Passat would go for about a couple thousand dollar more than that for a Passat wagon.


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